Gender Equality Manifesto


Road to 50% promotes the active participation of women in politics and leadership positions through several projects and campaigns.
We pursue the gender mainstreaming approach combined with targeted actions based on the cross-sectional principle of intersectionality.

Female politicians in the European Parliament now account for 38.9% of total members. This is higher than the global and European average of women in national parliaments, which amounts to 30,5%. One hundred years after the introduction of universal suffrage and the first female elected to the parliament in some EU countries, the data shows us that women continue to be under-represented in politics and public life, in the European Parliament, national parliaments, governments, and local assemblies.

Women represent half of society but do not account for representative democracy.

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) recommends that representation of women and men, in democratic bodies such as the European Parliament should not fall below 40%:

[…] full integration of women, on an equal footing with men, at all levels and in all areas of the workings of a democratic society” (EIGE, 2019).

Gender equality is a founding principle of the European Union as established by article 8 of the TFUE: In all its activities, the Union shall aim to eliminate inequalities, and to promote equality, between men and women.

Moreover, the EU Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025 sets out guidelines and key actions for the improvement of the balance between women and men in decision-making positions, politics, and institutions. The EU Commission fosters women’s participation as voters and candidates in the European Parliament elections in 2024 through the funding and promotion of the best practices.

As a consequence, Road to 50% focuses on the elimination of the gender political representation gap in Europarties to have a direct impact on the main political decision-making bodies, for instance, the Council of EU, the EU Commission, the European Parliament, and the EP Commissions
A representative democracy requires equal political opportunities at all levels: European, national, regional, and local. We want to help to ensure that more women occupy prominent positions in this field:

Women in politics and leadership positions must be the rule, not the exception.

Dopo titolo ROADTOCOFE

This manifesto is the cornerstone of our association.It was realized as part of the RoadtoCOFE paneuropean initiative.
RoadtoCoFE aimed to create a framework of action that will focus on the elimination of the gender political representation gap in Europarties to have a direct impact on the main political decision-making bodies.

RoadtoCoFE Strategy strives to enhance the distribution of competencies and roles amongst EU management levels to call for the end of Gender Segregation in Politics.

The exclusion of women from political decision-making harms the democratic process as a whole. Women are more than half of the population and thus they are entitled to at least half of the seats. Female candidates have different and unique experiences which should be properly represented by themselves in discussions that result in policy-making and implementation.

Roadto50%' promotes the adoption of the Gender Equality Manifesto for advancing the descriptive and substantive representation of women in politics. Do you want us to reach a more Gender Equality organization?