Mezzi Per Tutte

Mezzi Per Tutte

Mezzipertuttə is the national campaign to tackle harassment and sexual assault on public transport.

There are no research or reports providing us a comprehensive overview of women's experience of traveling on public transport. It is the #GenderDataGap: the majority of data in the world is based on the male body and the typical male life patterns. These data are not collected and they are not sex-disaggregated. There is no database in Italy tracking reports of sexual harassment towards travelers.

Roadto50% has been developed and launched in 2021 in Italy, but it is supported by several national organizations too.

Have you ever experienced sexual harassment on public transport?

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OUR Solutions

The following proposals are based on European and international best practices. Institutions are free to choose or modify the solutions that best suits their needs.

  • Security guard in the undergrounds Armed personnel on public transport, trained by the City/ Antiviolence center/ Transport Company from 19:00 to 06:00
  • In the bus/train stops and on board, a button directly linked to the nearest police station Police Forces Municipality
  • Train/Bus stop covered by transparent plexiglass (Stops will be mapped by the survey)
  • Travellers should be informed about train/metro carriage where the on-board personnel is sitting
  • App to report harrassment and sexual assault on public trasportation. The app alerts public transportation staff in real time if someone is experiencing harassment/sexual assault on board.
  • Trainings in schools, companies or public space